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Highlight Dishes

The Horseshoe

The original Horseshoe Sandwich, created in Springfield Illinois back in the late 1920s, was served on a sizzling metal plate (representing the Anvil). Thick-cut slices of bread were toasted and added to the plate. Added to that was a thick slice of ham, shaped like a horseshoe (this is where this open-faced sandwich got its name), followed by a Welsh rarebit cheese sauce made of white sharp cheddar. This was all topped with fresh-made French fries representing the nails in the horseshoe.

Today's horseshoes offer endless variations by adding other meats such as Hamburgers, pulled pork, chicken, steak. There is also a "breakfast" horseshoe that uses eggs and hash browns. The meat is topped with French fries and smothered with a "secret" cheese sauce. With its many variations, it is a local favorite not often found outside Central Illinois UNTIL NOW.

The Boxty

The boxty came out of the chute as one of the most popular dishes of Donovan's. Along with the introduction of the horseshoe to the South, it's been an awesome one-two punch. We have had overwhelming response to both of these dishes.

Boxty, or bacstaí in Irish, is a quintessentially Irish potato cake. It's open to various regional interpretations. Welcome to the Donovan's interpretation: Our Boxty is made from stacked potato pancakes and piled high with shredded beef, sautéed with onions and topped with our signature cheese sauce

Boxty on the griddle, Boxty in the pan,
if you can't make a Boxty, you'll never get your man!


Donovan's Irish Cobbler would not be complete without the cobbler of course. We brought a special recipe that includes both peach and blueberry cobbler. Don't forget the ice cream!